The Abseil str_format Library

By Juemin Yang, Abseil Engineer

Abseil now includes a type-safe string formatting library: str_format. The str_format library is a typesafe replacement for the family of printf() string formatting routines within the <cstdio> standard library header. The str_format library provides most of the functionality of printf() type string formatting and a number of additional benefits:

  • Type safety, including native support for std::string and absl::string_view
  • Reliable behavior independent of standard libraries
  • Support for the POSIX positional extensions
  • Much faster (generally 2 to 3 times faster) than native printf functions
  • Streamable to a variety of existing sinks

For more information, consult Abseil’s StrFormat Guide If you are interested in the design of this library, check out our StrFormat Design Notes.

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