C++ Tips of the Week

Background: About five years ago, within Google we started publishing a series of C++ tips, about once a week, that became known as the “C++ Tips of the Week” (TotW). They became wildly successful, and we are still publishing them to this day (indicating that a language as rich as C++ will not deplete us of topics anytime soon).

Not only do we discuss the finer points of the language, but in true “tip” fashion, offer our advice or design preferences. The collective set of C++ TotW has become a canon within Google itself, cited thousands of times per week in code reviews and internal mailing list discussions. Often they are cited by number, and some have become known simply as “totw/110” or “totw/77”.

We’ve decided to expose most of these tips to the Abseil development community, and the C++ community at large. Over the coming months, we’ll be posting new tips as we review and refine them for publication. Not all the entries we’ve written are relevant to the outside world; some were specific to our internal tools and abstractions, and some have become obsolete as the language has changed. But we’ll publish what we can and what we find valuable (and write new tips!) on this page as they become available.

Note: we will be keeping the original numbering scheme on these tips, and original publication date, so that the 12K or so people that have some exposure to the original numbering don't have to learn new citations. As a result, some tips may appear missing and/or out of order to a casual reader. But rest assured, we're giving you the good stuff.

Some tips may include historical information that, though accurate, may reflect philosophy and/or usage at the time the tip was originally written. In most cases, we have updated that information to reflect current practices, and note exceptions that are historical, where applicable.

Because these tips are being published out of original order, we’ve listed them below in the order of re-publication.

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