Abseil No Longer Depends on CCTZ

An Update On Our Dependencies

By Shaindel Schwartz, Abseil Engineer

As of the April 23 update, af78826 , Abseil no longer requires an external dependency on CCTZ. If you have included the CCTZ project solely to satisfy the Abseil dependency, you can now safely remove it from your project’s setup.

We are in the process of adding some updates to our Time library. As a transitional step in this set of planned updates, we have added an internal fork of the CCTZ types and dropped the dependency on the external CCTZ project. To avoid potential name conflicts with a project’s independent use of the CCTZ library, our internal copy lives in a unique, internal absl namespace. The internal copy is intended solely as an implementation detail underpinning our provided Time APIs. As with all internal types, users should not depend on or use them directly.

Note that if your project has its Abseil dependency pinned at a specific commit, you may still need the dependency on CCTZ. (For a commit earlier than af78826 , the dependency on CCTZ is still required.) We encourage you to live at head.

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