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    Civil Time in Abseil

    10 Oct 2018

    By Greg Miller, Bradley White, and Shaindel Schwartz

    Almost every spring and fall there are news headlines about software that misbehaved during a daylight-saving transition. In much of the world, DST transitions occur multiple times per year, yet it is still a veritable minefield of latent bugs due to the complexities inherent in reasoning about civil-time discontinuities. To avoid these problems, a civil-time library must present the programmer with a correct — yet simplified — model that makes expressing the desired intent easy and writing bugs more obvious.

    To that end, we are very pleased to introduce a new feature for the Abseil time library — civil time support. This update adds a set of constructs and functions that are used to represent and perform computations with civil times.

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    Swiss Tables and absl::Hash

    27 Sep 2018

    By Sam Benzaquen, Alkis Evlogimenos, Matt Kulukundis, and Roman Perepelitsa

    We are extremely pleased to announce the availability of the new “Swiss Table” family of hashtables in Abseil and the absl::Hash hashing framework that allows easy extensibility for user defined types.

    Last year at CppCon, We presented a talk on a new hashtable that we were rolling out across Google’s codebase. When asked about its release date, we may have been a touch optimistic. But hopefully it will have been worth the wait. As an added bonus, this release also comes with an entirely new framework for hashing your types. As with all things of this size, this is the work of a great many people.

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    Abseil Python Docs are Here!

    31 Aug 2018

    By Junjay Tan

    Abseil Python now includes a documentation set on abseil.io!

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    Clang-Tidy Checks for Abseil

    30 Aug 2018

    By Deanna Garcia and Hugo Gonzalez, Abseil Interns

    Abseil wants to help developers avoid common mistakes unique to our collection of libraries. Therefore, we have developed a set of clang-tidy checks for Abseil, allowing you to catch these errors early on before they become bigger problems.

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    Coroutine Types

    13 Jul 2018

    By Titus Winters

    The first hint of standard library design that takes advantage of coroutines (P1056) came through the Library Evolution Working Group (LEWG, responsible for design for the C++ standard library) during the Rapperswil meeting this summer. It was … surprising. As much as I want coroutines in the language, the design smell here was disconcerting. I want to point out what LEWG saw before we commit to this direction irrevocably - coroutine types as currently designed are baffling.

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